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Founded in late 2009, the Western Payne County Ambulance Trust Authority is responsible for emergency medical service in Stillwater, Perkins and Glencoe, Oklahoma. Improving the quality of ambulance care residents receive and keeping costs low are the trust authority’s primary goals.

Through a competitive bid process, WPCATA selected a private ambulance company (LifeNet, Inc.) to provide emergency medical service in western Payne County. LifeNet service began in May 2011. WPCATA will provide oversight of LifeNet to ensure that quality and financial standards are met.

WPCATA is led by a board of directors that includes: Trust Chair Elaine Ackerson, City of Stillwater appointee; Jerry Moeller, Stillwater Medical Center appointee; Anne Matoy, Oklahoma State University appointee; Brian Norton, Perkins/Glencoe appointee; and Harland Wells, Payne County appointee.


LifeNet provides the highest level of emergency ambulance care available.

For you and your loved ones, this means the best possible treatment – and the best chance for a full recovery – after a car wreck, heart attack, serious fall or other medical crisis.

WPCATA’s Resident Benefit Program helps fund this higher level of ambulance service for our community and provides you with valuable benefits. If you’re transported by LifeNet within the western Payne County service area, LifeNet will bill your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid provider and accept their payment as payment-in-full. You won’t be billed for a co-payment, deductible or balance after a third-party approves the claim. If your insurance provider denies a LifeNet claim or you don’t have coverage, then you’ll be charged a reduced fee (40% off standard rates) for service.

The cost for participating in the Resident Benefit Program, just $5 per month, is conveniently added to eligible customers’ municipal utility bill. Utility account holders and all permanent members of their household receive benefits under the program.


What areas are served by Western Payne County Ambulance Trust Authority/LifeNet? 2017-04-06T08:19:51+00:00

The western two-thirds of Payne County including the cities of Stillwater, Perkins and Glencoe. The Resident Benefit Program applies only to transports in the service area provided by WPCATA/LifeNet.

Why is this necessary? 2016-11-25T19:56:34+00:00

Due to rising medical costs and declining reimbursement, ambulance providers are not able to operate based solely on revenues from patients they transport. Over the past decade, more than 50 ambulance agencies in Oklahoma have ceased operations because of this – leaving many Oklahomans without quick access to emergency care.

Some cities fund ambulance service through general fund dollars, but that takes money away from street maintenance, many public safety programs and other expenses. Funding ambulance service in this manner frees up general fund tax dollars for other community needs, and in return, citizens receive valuable benefits.

What about people who don’t have insurance? 2017-04-06T08:33:53+00:00

Members who do not have insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid are charged a reduced fee (40% off the standard rates) after a transport. If you are not a member and don’t have insurance, you may be responsible for the entire LifeNet bill.

I work in Perry (or other community WPCATA/LifeNet does not serve), but WPCATA/LifeNet doesn’t respond out there. What happens if I need an ambulance then? 2017-04-06T08:30:51+00:00

WPCATA/LifeNet provides ambulance service to the western two-thirds of Payne County, Stillwater, Perkins and Glencoe. Your program benefits will apply to transports within the WPCATA/LifeNet service area. If you need an ambulance while at work – or if you’re on vacation in another state, for that matter – a different ambulance provider will respond and you may be responsible for paying out-of-pocket charges.

I own/operate a nursing home/assisted living facility. What does this mean for us? 2017-04-06T08:38:38+00:00

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are not classified as residential utility customers. This program is available only to residential utility customers. However, any individual living in a facility can receive the program benefits by submitting payment and a completed Subscription Application.

I own a home, but it’s vacant. Do I still pay for the service? 2017-04-19T14:52:23+00:00

If the utility account is in permanent service rather than temporary service you will still have to opt out to avoid the charges. Check with your utility service provider.  Some providers allow utility services to be temporarily suspended and your account would not be billed if your service provider offers a temporary service option.

I have a temporary service agreement with the City do I still need to opt out of this service? 2016-11-25T19:59:49+00:00

Since the temporary service agreement states that no one will be living at the location under this agreement, the account would not be charged.

I live at an apartment/rent house or fraternity/sorority, and utilities are not in my name. What are my options? 2017-04-19T14:51:37+00:00

You may complete a Subscription Application found at paynecounty-ems.org and pay an annual fee of $60.00.

Am I covered if I pay the Resident Benefit Program fee on a rent house utilities bill but do not live at the residence? 2016-11-25T21:36:08+00:00

No. The Resident Benefit Program does not afford benefits to utility account holders, but rather to individuals living at participating addresses.

I pay the Resident Benefit Program fee at my home, but my husband lives in a nursing home. Does he need to purchase an individual WPCATA membership to receive benefits? 2016-11-25T20:00:49+00:00

No. A participating utilities customer does not need to purchase an individual WPCATA membership for a spouse in a nursing home.

If I opt out this year will I have to opt out every following year to avoid charges? 2017-04-06T08:26:25+00:00

No. Once you have made your choice to stay in the program or opt out, that decision will carry forward each year.

If I opt out but later change my mind, can I resume participation? 2017-04-06T08:41:51+00:00

Yes. You may return to your utility provider and request a form to receive program benefits which will resume on the date of your next utility bill. If you are not a utility customer of Stillwater, Perkins, Glencoe, or CEC, you may submit a Subscription Application. That can be found on the main home page of this web site.

Are there any excluded services? 2017-04-06T08:24:19+00:00

Yes. The Resident Benefit Program does not provide benefits for non-emergency transports (a medical transfer that does not have a hospital emergency room as the final destination) without a physician certification statement. Also, repetitive transports for services such as dialysis, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are not included. The program does not cover non-emergency transports to and from doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, physical therapy centers and other non-hospital facilities. Transports originating outside of the WPCATA service area are also not included.

I have insurance and/or Medicare. Why should I participate? (Isn’t it like I’m paying for the same thing twice?) 2016-11-25T20:01:21+00:00

Because Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies don’t always pay full charges – and deny about 25% of ambulance claims outright! If you participate in the Resident Benefit Program, LifeNet will bill your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid provider and accept their payment as payment-in-full. You will not have to pay the usual 20% Medicare copayment, a standard insurance deductible or a balance after a partial payment. If your provider denies a claim outright or if you don’t have coverage, you’ll be charged a reduced fee (40% off the standard rates).

What is the cost of participation? 2017-04-06T08:21:04+00:00

The Resident Benefit Program is available for $5 per month, which is conveniently included on your municipal utility bill (Stillwater, Perkins, or Glencoe) or on your CEC Electric Utility bill. This fee covers the utility account holder and all permanent members of the household.

If I participate in the Resident Benefit Program, who is covered? 2016-11-25T20:02:40+00:00

All residents of participating households, regardless of their age or whether they are a blood relative of the utility account holder, receive benefits. Persons must live at the participating household address to be covered. Someone simply in town visiting is not covered. A good test is whether the person receives bills and mail at the address.


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